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Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU)

A good way to generate extra income!

Garage Build And Addition To House

A Good Way To Generate Extra Income!

Experience the ultimate in flexibility and space optimization with Mighton Constructions' Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) building services. Whether you're looking to accommodate extended family, create a rental income stream, or simply enhance your property's value, our expert team is dedicated to seamlessly integrating these versatile units into your existing space. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities presented by ADU construction, and our meticulous approach ensures that the design aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. From navigating zoning regulations to maximizing energy efficiency, we handle every aspect, prioritizing quality craftsmanship and timely project delivery. Let us guide you through the process of adding valuable living space to your property, with a focus on functionality, aesthetics, and long-term investment.

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